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Warm Up Activity

* ten minutes *First day assume 20 minutes

Set the expectation early that you come into the Zoom room and do the warm up activity.

As you enter the Zoom room pick a picture from here. Then take a minute and in the chat explain why you picked that picture.

Website URL Introductions

* time 10 min

Anyone who has launched their website can do an introduction. On the first day model with yours as I kind of way to amp students up.

Design Your Profile

* time 30 (min) * setting full group, use breakout rooms if more than 15 * Discuss what people put on their social media profiles. * make a list * you can use a google do or wiki page * Have students take out a piece of paper to draw their social media profile for when they graduate college * They can add an image, three words that describe themselves, and a list of hobbies for example * Have students describe their profiles * Explain we will learn to tell our stories from our own domains.

Make a Meme

* time (40 min)

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